A Word to our Vendors

Considering selling something?

Great!  We think this could be a wonderful place to make that happen.  It doesn't have to be much and it doesn't have to be every month.  Below we'll lay out some basic information and hopefully address all the questions you may have.  But first a little about ourselves and our goals.

We're a small little family in a little bitty house on a good chunk of dirt.  And for years we've wondered what to do on this dirt.  We cherished the idea of an old timey stand with interesting knick knacks and treats.  Knowing we weren't the only ones with something good to sell we thought we could share some space!

The ways of the old markets are either in far away cities or the old world.  We want to recreate, in our own way, the feeling of a community getting together, even once a month, to see what goods can be bought or sold.  We want this to be a sought after event.  We want this to offer people a unique experience, a moment of fun in a mad world.   And we want you to make money at it.  That said, it is free to be whatever market we choose it to be.  That's right, we.  

We want our vendors to feel free to sell really, whatever they want.  If its paintings or produce, trinkets or toys, animals or antiques, sell them!  The more eclectic, the better.

So, lets answer some questions.

Cost - $20 for a space to sell.  No set space limitations at the moment.  Pay at least one week in advance .

When - We open only the first saturday of every month.  No requirement to sell every month, just as you want.
Hours - Open to public at 9:00AM.  Vendors can arrive as early as 8:00AM to set up.

Bad Weather - If it's rained out check website for details.
Supplies - Any tables, chairs or shade tents will have to be self provided.  Feel free to bring anything you need to dress up your space!  Banners, signage, etc.  

Random answers

Restrooms will be available to vendors only.
Please clean up all trash at the end of the day.
No alcohol on premises.

Smoking allowed only in vendors private car.  

Snacks and drinks are being sold by the hosts.  You're free to bring your own personal food items to eat but not to sell.
Honey, canned veggie's, jams and the like are ok.

Restricted items from selling
Baked goods, snacks or drinks.
Drug paraphernalia.

Encouraged items to sell


Art Work


Handmade items 

Garage sale items




Again, this market can be as fun and big as we make it.  We can all advertise and promote, even non vendors can if they simply enjoy it.  If everyone wins, then everyone  wins.   

In a day where every idea is mass produced and little individuality is present, lets offer what small part of the world we're connected too what the big names can't provide; one of a kinds.